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Bloomsbury Startup Academy

Our in-house pre-accelerator program that develops students’ ideas into workable business models and plans. 


The Bloomsbury Startup Academy (BSA) is UCLe’s early-stage startup accelerator. It is dedicated to building a strong foundation for eager and enthusiastic founders to find success in their ideas and innovation. Our mission is to create an environment for success through three key pillars: 


Reducing friction

Fostering community

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Providing resources


Notable Speakers


Tal Shmueli

Founder & CEO of Heystack

Alejandra De Brunner

Founder & CEO of ETHOS


Leo Olsson

Internet personality

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Director's Note

"Having been a part of past iterations, I have witnessed first-hand the inspiring birth of a myriad of ideas. From sustainable bio-fuels to Chinese dating apps, I am proud to have been a part of such a diverse cast of ideas.


Many founders also come in with not much more than a vague conception of an idea or simply a spark for entrepreneurship. I would thus encourage anyone and everyone to give the BSA an honest shot, you’ll never know where we might lead you." Ryan Lee

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