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Women in Tech

A vibrant community aimed at inspiring, equipping, and empowering women in technology. Our goal is to demystify diverse tech fields, foster representation, and bridge the gender gap in the industry.


The Women in Tech division at UCLe is dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to carve their niche in the tech landscape. As a robust team, we offer a plethora of resources, mentorship programs, and invaluable networking opportunities tailored to guide women through the nuances of this ever-evolving industry.


Boasting over 500 members, of which 49% are female, we pride ourselves on our community's vibrancy. Our ultimate vision is to foster an inclusive and diverse tech realm where every woman is empowered to tap into her fullest potential.

Image by Andras Vas

Our Core Outcomes



The "Shadowing Women In Tech (SWIT)" initiative, a collaboration between UCL Entrepreneurs Society's Women in Tech division and UCL Women in Finance and Fintech societies, targets university students with 100% female participation.



We are honoured to host a series of panel discussions featuring accomplished women from organisations such as Google, Adobe, and Canva. These discussions aim to provide members with a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, challenges, and success narratives.



Recognising existing skill gaps within the broader community, the introduction of our structured mentorship program aims to connect members with experienced industry professionals for personalised guidance and support.

Image by Alexander Grey

Director's Note

"The Women in Tech division is diligently preparing for the upcoming year, outlining an extensive calendar of events tailored to those interested in deepening their understanding of the technology sector.


We believe our offerings this year present a substantial opportunity for professional growth and encourage those interested in technology to consider joining our society for these unmatched learning opportunities." - Iria Tobio

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