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Bloomsbury Ventures

Aiming to make the world of VC and venture investing more accessible to students at UCL.


Bloomsbury Ventures is an initiative that demystifies the world of Venture Capital to students at UCL. We have monthly events with top Venture Capitalists in London and bring them to UCL to discuss building a career in VC, emerging startups trends, understanding how to raise capital and so many other topics beneficial to future entrepreneurs as well as aspiring VCs.


Our lineup for this year consists of VCs from top firms with the list yet to be disclosed. If you’re aspiring to start a company of your own or build a career in venture investing, Bloomsbury Ventures is for you.

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Purple Abstract

Director's Note

"Bloomsbury Venture has had quite a long and varied history, and my aim for this year is for BV to become the de-facto venture capital hub for students all across UCL. 


We do this by making the process of learning about venture capital experiential and applicable to the everyday, building a community around our shared interest, and coordinating with UCLe's talented teams, as well as connecting with the wider growing student venture capital networks beyond UCL. So lots of stuff going on, but that also means a lot of opportunities waiting for you. See you at one of our events!" - Nick Ng

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