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VC Fund

Our in-house seed capital fund helps turn students’ business models and plans into working Minimum Viable Products and provides the next step to becoming self-supported disruptors.


This year the VC Fund is newer than ever and it’s the first time UCL is seeing an actively investing fund supporting students in their entrepreneurial endeavours. We are providing cheques to students and teams working on amazing ideas and building products that people need.


Our applications are open year round and students can apply with a 5-10 minute video pitch explaining their idea, talking about their team and why they need the money. Our incredible team will evaluate each pitch and take the idea to the next stage to our investment committee and finally decide on the funding decision.


Our funding is equity-free and our goal is to provide monetary support for you and your team to turn your idea into a working product.

Image by Product School
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Director's Note

"This year we really want to play a strong role in supporting student entrepreneurs and really build an ecosystem where entrepreneurship is encouraged, both successes and failures.


Being involved in the ecosystem for a while now I think it’s very important to support builders and give chances to individuals and teams who can really go out there and try something new. We are super excited to see the ideas students at UCL can come up with and we want to be their earliest supporters." - Raghav Sanagavarapu

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